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We are a church who believes that transformed individuals can create a transforming church that will bring transformation to the community.

We use four words to guide us:

Reach | Grow | Care | Serve

We want to be that church.


Home Ground | Westville Baptist Church started as a bible club in 1946 - a project of love formed by three families; the Munros, the Harlands and the Mitchells.


We soon grew to include a Sunday School, Mothers' Meetings, SCAs, Youth and Bible Studies.

On 5 December 1963, fifty-eight people signed a document as founding members of, what it was then known as, the Highway Baptist Church.

The church first met in the Town Hall, then moved to the MOTH hall with the vision to one day have our own church building.


On the 25th of May 1968, we celebrated the opening of our first premises on Church Road. Soon we outgrew this building and in 2001, we walked across the road to our current home.​

We have been involved in deeply impacting and uplifting our local community and we aim to only reach more as we believe this is our Home Ground.


We are in this together with some incredible partners. We believe that change happens best when you work as a team and share resources, hearts, and vision with others. These are our partners at Home Ground.


Our social transformation NGO


Our coffee shop and kids adventure playground


Our Playschool

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Our Recovery Programme

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