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At Home Ground we place huge value on the younger generation.

They are a crucial part of our church life, and we are committed to equipping and teaching them about God in fun and age-appropriate ways.


Our Friday Evening Kids Min programme is full of energy and fun and runs from 17:00 to 18:30 every Friday of the school term.  These are for children in grade R to

Grade 6.


We have children's ministry alongside our morning church services.  


8 am and 10 am have full programs running in two groups:   2 -5 years (Promise Island); and Grade R - Grade 6 (Promiseland).

We have a beautiful babies room that allows feeding moms and parents with under 1 year olds to enjoy the service while allowing their tots to play.

Divorce Care for Kids

Divorce Care for Kids is an 8-week course for children whose families are dealing with divorce.  In this course, we use teaching methods such as journaling, storytelling, games, and activities to assist kids in processing what is happening to their family. It also allows them to meet and interact with other children going through similar circumstances.

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