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Prayer & Fasting | Pt1 | Where to Start

Max Lucado correctly says that many of us are recovering prayer wimps. For many of us, our prayers seemed to zig, then zag, then zig again.

Maybe you can relate. Perhaps your prayer life could use a tune-up, a reboot?  

If that sounds overwhelming, we’re inviting you to a simple plan. Ten minutes or more a day for this entire week and anytime you are craving whatever you’ve been called to fast – pray around these four core elements of prayer:

“Father, You are good. I need help. They need help. Thank you.”

For example:

“Father, You are good”

- Praise God for who He is; His kindness, goodness, faithfulness, etc.

“I need help”

- Ask God for help in various areas of your life; family, work, health, etc.

“They need help”

- Pray for people in your world, community, family, etc. who need God’s help.

“Thank you”

- Thank God for all that He does for you and for others.

It’s that simple. Really! Talking with God doesn’t have to be complicated or complex.  The power isn’t in the words we pray—but in the One who hears them.

Here’s our challenge! Every day for the entire week, pray for at least ten minutes or more and anytime you crave something in the physical realm like food/sugar/coffee/etc. turn to God in prayer. 

Our prayer is that we will all get ready to connect with God like never before!
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